The process might start with the request for a crane. Such as an overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane or some other type of hoisting equipment.

In consultation with the client the requirements are determined and a sales quote is made.

The next step is the construction of a (mechanical) preliminary draft for approval. This will include pictures to visualize the design for the customer. Based on this design some last changes can be made.

When approved the final design is made. This includes the detailed building plans including wiring diagrams and constructional drawings.

The final step is construction in-house, outsourcing or direct delivery of the design to the client including assistance.


New solutions

Creating new complete operating- and control systems or the constructions of new cranes. This always involves a custom build.

Addition to existing solutions

In some cases it's a possibility to do a reconstruct of old cranes from the 1960's - 1980's. The current situation such as the electrical and mechanical systems will be inventoried. The advantages of this process are lower costs and shorter delivery time.

Complete redesign of existing solutions

Sometimes a complete redesign might be the best option. Issues in the current situation have to be determined and a complete redesign will be made.


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