Valk Engineering

Was founded in 1991 and started working in the overhauling of cranes. During these first years the work mainly consisted of commissioning specialized cranes (Kone Cranes).

From 1994 and onwards customer requests led to the in-house development and production of overhead- and gantry cranes.

Until 2003 the main focus was on the design and production of larger fully automatic overhead cranes. After 2003 the production of cranes stagnated and the focus shifted towards conversion and overhauling of existing cranes with a specialization in control systems.

Other fields of work include the placement of electrical infrastructure in factory halls up to 2000 Ampere. High voltage (anything above 700 Volts) does not belong to the installation work.

As well during the design as the production the focus is on the quality and reliability of the installation.


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